About Us

Speakeasy has been a hot spot for Mid Town Columbus since 1976. Originally located on 18th Avenue, the Speakeasy moved to its current location of 3123 Mercury Drive in 1983. In August of 2007, the Speakeasy completed extensive renovations to its interior and exterior, which included a separation of the family dining experience and Game Room from the new, nicely appointed Bar area in order to accommodate the broad interests and age groups frequenting the restaurant. Moving the Game Room to the Family Area of the restaurant allows parents to keep a better eye on their children while they enjoy a night out. But no one can miss the terrific improvement to the streetscape exterior to the Speakeasy. The black asphalt that once splayed out in front of the restaurant has been replaced by trees, attractive potted shrubs and a nice lawn.

Owner Chris Losonsky states these changes were made to "improve the image of the restaurant and to compete with recent chain restaurants in other parts of Columbus". Though changes have been made, you can expect the same great Speakeasy menu (featuring the signature Camel Rider sandwich, which includes ham, salami, Swiss cheese, lettuce, mustard and Italian dressing on pita bread) and a welcoming local atmosphere.