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Jean Parmer 2 days ago

Mediterranean Pizza

This pizza is awesome!!! Hands down my favorite 😎

Schneskirose 14 days ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

Best sandwich ever. Had the privilege of working there from 1981 til job and food ever.

Keonbranton 23 days ago

Deluxe Pizza

Speakeasy is an incredible place with incredible people and amazing food. My girlfriend and I come all the time and get the pizza. To us the Pizza at speakeasy is the best in Columbus. If you want great great food at a great price then speakeasy is where you need to go.

Bgravlee about 1 month ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

The best and it's never changed. I married a Columbus girl in 1978 and we've always loved speakeasy-especially during little league baseball season-team celebrations, etc Now, we are bringing grandchildren and they love it. Thanks for what you do.

Shaunohara2012 about 2 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

Best camel rider in America. Great service and always happy faces.

Tonya8411 about 2 months ago

Turkey Rider

The Turkey Rider was an excellent choice! This was my first time eating at Speakeasy and i was not disappointed. The buttery with a hint of salt of the pita bread just made the turkey and the tomatoes even more savory. The flavors from the vegetables with the mayo and mustard...just right👌. The curly fries were AWESOME! Seasoned to perfection. They were hot from start to finish. Everything was cooked/made to order. Always a plus. Friendly environment. Friendly staff. And theyre patient! Great team! Great food! Great service!

Harp706 2 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

The best thing in Columbus. Ccq and a camel rider will fill you up and make you wanting more!

Agc616 3 months ago

Cheese Sticks

These golden brown mozzarella sticks are fried to perfect. Served with a house made marinara. A perfect appetizer to start off your Speakeasy experience

Laureng4983 3 months ago


I have orders this dish for years and it is still one of my favorites!! It always tastes the same so I know exactly what I am getting!! I don't recall ever ordering anything from Speakeasy that I didn't like!

Cg9957 3 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

Hi!! My family and I have enjoyed speakeasy for over 30 years. Now that I've recently moved back home, we literally eat speakeasy every other week. It's consistently delicious and it's a short drive from home. It's in our neighborhood. That being said, I don't know how this drawing is done or how winners are chosen. If it is chosen intentionally, my family and I could really use a gift card for Speakeasy as we eat from here ALL the time. It would help feed our family of 4 (including my 2 year old daughter). Thank you all for everything that you do. No matter what, we will still be loyal customers of Speakeasy in Columbus, GA. Sincerely, Carson Greer On behalf of the Greer Family.

Napier Brittany 3 months ago

Hot Wings

I ordered the wings on a whim, and now I'll never order anything else! These are the best wings around, hands down.

Byrdbrittany31 4 months ago

Chicken Strip Salad

OMG!! If your big on salads get the chicken strip salad my husband brought me one home and I feel in love with it I eat them like 3 or 4 times a week they are so good. And also the sex on the beach drink is so good you want be disappointed at speakeasy I promise you want I will be in there today soon as they open

Aag2818 4 months ago

Turkey Rider

There are so many delicious options at Speakeasy, but the turkey rider is so my favorite! I have gotten it every time I have gone to Speakeasy over the last 10-15 years. The CCQ is also a great way to start the meal!

Melissajunee 4 months ago


My favorite , I've always gotten it since I was little and I'll never change it !

Dmalave 4 months ago


Always great!

Jewelsf889 4 months ago

Chicken Salad Plate

One of my favorites! Great flavor and always fresh. Longtime customer, all the way back to 1982! Love "The Speak"

Destineyligon 4 months ago

Club Sandwich "A Favorite Triple Decker"

Loved It. Great Food. Great Service.. Will Be Back Again Soon..

Gcadoura 4 months ago


This is one of my favorites but the Chicken finger basket is delicious! And we love the Mexican pizza also! One of my favorite places to eat for 25 years!

Carsongreer 5 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

My family and I have been going to Speakeasy since I was a child. We order dinner from Speakeasy every other week. Needless to say I've tried about everything on the menu. I always think I'll get something different but every time I get the camel rider. It's a classic and it's literally one of my favorite sandwiches of ALL TIME! I've seen this sandwich somewhere else on a menu and had to try it because honestly I was shocked to see THE camel rider anywhere else! No surprise, it didn't even compare to the favorite sandwich I know and love from Speakeasy in Columbus, GA. Thank you everyone at Speakeasy!! My parents brought me, their parents brought them, and now my daughter gets to love Speakeasy too!!

Amber 3 days ago

Turkey Rider

It's my favorite sandwich! And the curly fries are the best!

Mclucus814 20 days ago

Roast Beef au Jus

I have been here many times and tried alot of the menu items. Most everything is great with great service! My favorite dish is the roast beef au jus. Its always hot and fresh and served quickly. I just wish there a bit more meat on it. All in all though fantastic!

Bncuraged2 28 days ago

Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

Great salad. Very good value and place for lunch or dinner.

Jewelsf889 about 1 month ago

Combination Plate

My favorite comfort foods - extra flavorful at the Speak!

Dn147 about 2 months ago

Club Sandwich "A Favorite Triple Decker"

For years and years this has been my "go to" club sandwich. It dosent matter where in Columbus or the United States for that matter, that i may go and dine, when i want a Club Sandwich nobody and i mean nobody beats the Speakeasy. This is such a simple yet delicious sandwich that im actually getting hungry for one just thinking about it. 5 stars all the way!

Mchapman34 about 2 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

The Camel Rider is the best sandwich at the Speakeasy. The tanginess of the Italian dressing balences the fresh deli meat so well.

Agc616 3 months ago

Chicken Strip Basket

These chicken strips are served in generous portions, perfect for sharing or all to yourself!

Agc616 3 months ago

"C C Q" Chili Con Queso

The CCQ is a delicious blend of chili and nacho cheese, spiced to perfect and served with corn chips . A must try and a staple to the menu.

Mauldinecourtney 3 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

The BEST! I've been eating at Speakeasy since I was a baby. I always bring out of town guests here. It's the best in town. Thank you!

Williscarrie52 3 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

I love their camel rider. It a different type of sandwich that will make your mouth water. The Camel Rider is one of the many item I enjoy having and eating.

Gamommadi 4 months ago

Camel Rider House Specialty (A Columbus tradition since 1976)

The best ever. Once you have had one it's all you ever want.

Sfgravlee 4 months ago

The Basic Cheese Pizza

I love the cheese pizza! I get it on the gluten free crust. I am not sure everyone knows that Speakeasy has this gluten free option, but it is delicious!

Southernchic254 4 months ago

Combination Salad

Everything was great. Each salad had it's own flavor.. I believe it's a perfect meal on these hot, summer days... Headed there now to get a combination salad for dinner..

Tammyallen21812 4 months ago

Roast Beef au Jus

It melted in my mouth!!!! I could not believe how soft the bread was and how tender the meat was!! Everything just came together in a wonderful celebration for my taste buds!! The cheese and au jus was just icing on the cake!! I am working my thru the menu and I have not been disappointed with any of my selections!

Dmalave 4 months ago

Chicken Strip Basket

Wonderful as always. Onion straws too

Zadaq416 4 months ago

Roast, Ham & Turkey Finger Sandwiches

The trays are crowdpleasers all around. Just delicious sandwiches that everyone loves. It's my go-to item for any event.

Tracigrooms 4 months ago

Caesar Chicken Sandwich


Lashaand93 5 months ago

Chicken Philly

Good food


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